The future is here! Learn about the smart technologies enhancing your machines

A growing number of owners and operators are seeing the value of smart technology systems provided by construction equipment manufacturers. These technologies will enhance the convenience, economy and operational efficiency of your equipment and job site.

Get ready for a transformation in the construction equipment industry

The construction industry is changing rapidly and radically. Here are a few innovative technologies to help your company be prepared.

1. AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) and IMOD system for better safety:

The Hyundai AAVM and IMOD system sets a new standard for safety in the wheel loader and excavator sectors. AAVM acts as an extra pair of eyes, providing you with good all-round visibility and guidance. Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) warns you when people or objects come close to your machine.

2. Telematics for more efficiency:

Telematics is changing the way construction equipment works by giving fleet owners real-time access to their machines. A telematics system like the Hi-MATE Remote Management System collects and analyses data from equipment through a mobile network.

Hi-MATE: real-time access to machines
The Hyundai Effect means achieving great things with minimal effort, and Hi-MATE is one of our exclusive technologies that make that possible. With just a click of the mouse or a tap on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet, you can monitor your entire fleet from any location. The system uses mobile data technology to give you 24/7 access to vital service and diagnostics information for all Hyundai mid to large excavators and wheel loaders.

MCD (Machine Connected Diagnostics) enables more advanced diagnostics by data logging and trend analysis to reduce downtime. It leads to better understanding and resolution of any malfunction. This technology is now integrated into the Hi MATE remote fleet management system.

More technologies

Hyundai Construction Equipment has developed a fresh generation of Construction Equipment which not only complies with European Stage V Emissions regulations but incorporates many smart technologies:

EPFC and EPIC for smart oil flow delivery
EPFC (Electric Positive Flow Control)
EPFC improves fuel efficiency and controllability through a flow reduction technique for excavator operations. With EPFC and Stage V Engine technology, you save up to 10% in fuel compared to Stage IV hydraulic pump regulation. Three power modes are available to ensure the highest performance. P (Power) mode maximises speed and power for heavy work. S (Standard) optimises performance and fuel efficiency for general load work. E (Economy) improves the control system for light work. EPFC is incorporated in excavators from 13 to 26 tons.

EPIC (Electric Pump Independent Control)
EPIC improves pump flow rate through independent control of two pumps. By controlling each pump independently, just the right amount of oil is delivered for the workload. EPIC is incorporated in excavators from 30 to 52 tons.

IPC for regulation of the hydraulic pumps
IPC (Intelligent Power Control)
IPC regulates the hydraulic pumps depending on the job you want to do. Simply select speed mode, balance mode or efficiency mode to tailor your machine’s performance.


These smart technologies have been developed to meet the growing demand for productivity, safety, efficiency, durability and convenience among construction equipment customers. In short: technology is reshaping the industry into a smart world where almost anything is possible!

Need more advice on choosing the right technology for your site? Just talk to your Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer to get started!

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