Could a tiltrotator be the ‘Swiss army knife’ you need?

Thinking of adding an (Engcon) tiltrotator to your machine? Wondering if it’s worth the investment? Read our guide to the benefits of this tilting and rotation working tool.

What is a tiltrotator?

As its name implies, the tiltrotator doesn’t just tilt over a large angle but can also rotate endlessly. It can be compared to a wrist that allows the operator to tilt (up to 45 degrees) and rotate the bucket or another tool infinitely in both directions. An excavator equipped with a tiltrotator can access difficult-to-reach places and doesn’t need to move around as much as other machines. Connected between the excavator’s arm and the bucket, this tool allows an excavator to do more and do it faster, more safely, more accurately and with much less labour.

The tiltrotator assembly


Tilatrotator Assembly

More versatile than you would ever imagine

A tiltrotator opens up a whole range of new possibilities for your Wheeled or Crawler Excavator. There are virtually no limits to the potential manoeuvres: move to the rear, to the front or to the side, over an angle, in a curve or in an evolving shape.

Tiltrotator versatility

Increasingly popular

In recent years, tiltrotators have become increasingly popular in the earthmoving industry. They are used in numerous projects, such as waterflow management in which various grades are needed. They also eliminate the need to work with articulated booms when digging trenches. A normal monoboom or 2pc-boom excavator can work from the side of the trench with a significant reduction in the machine movements involved.

Time-precious projects

The tiltrotator is ideal for projects where time is short, such as road and sewerage works where manholes, connecting pipes or cabling need to be installed, maintained or reworked.

Space-limited projects

Projects with limited space on the job site often present difficulties. In these conditions, a tiltrotator opens new perspectives and project opportunities.

Tiltrotator used in limited spaces

What are the benefits?

‘Swiss army knife’
A tiltrotator can transform your machine into a multi-purpose tool that can perform numerous tasks. Thanks to a wide set of tools, the tiltrotator can extend the utility of one single machine to tackle new projects that previously required several machine types.

That means you can use your excavator not just for grading and digging, but also for compacting, sweeping, ripping, sorting, transporting goods with your pallet forks and more. You can hook a wide variety of tools onto your tiltrotator, making your machine a real ‘Swiss army knife’.

Labour savings
A tiltrotator reduces working time, fuel consumption, machine wear and tear and manual labour. It doesn’t just make a digger up to 50% more productive, depending on the type of work. Its biggest benefit is the labour savings it creates, which can amount to 1,500 man- hours a year.

By significantly reducing the need for manual work, the tiltrotator contributes to a safer working environment around the machine. The operator’s responsibility is also minimised, which reduces the potential for accidents.

Dig where you stand
A tiltrotator allows you to dig in several directions without moving your excavator. There is no need for your excavator to stand level during grading, which reduces damage to the ground and saves time.

Tiltrotator Hyundai HW140

Hyundai excavators with a ready-mounted Engcon tiltrotator

Hyundai Excavator customers can now order a machine with an Engcon tiltrotator ready-mounted from the factory. This ensures high-quality installation and eliminates the need for a lengthy or complicated retrofit. It includes factory-installed technology, passing the same quality gates as the machine. This option is available for Crawler Excavators from the HX130LCR up to the HX300 and Wheeled Excavators from the HW140 up to the HW210.

Attach and detach tools without leaving the cabin

When you order your excavator with the Engcon tiltrotator, it comes ready prepared with a “plug-and-play” solution – the EC-Oil hydraulic quick coupler. With this feature, you won’t have to leave your seat to change hydraulic tools. You will get automatic oil, electric and central lubrication connection as part of your Engcon tiltrotator.

Hyundai excavator with ready-mounted Engcon tiltrotator

MIG2-joysticks: power at your fingertips

Hyundai Excavators are factory fitted with the Engcon DC2 tiltrotator control system. Ergonomic joysticks in the cabin give the operator full control. Even the tracks or wheels can be controlled from the joystick.

Integrate your tiltrotator with your Machine Guidance or Control system

Thanks to the ePS-sensor, the tiltrotator movement and position can be fully integrated into your Machine Guidance or Machine Control system. With the ePS-sensor, the movement of the tiltrotator is fully known to your 2D-3D Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Novatron, Moba or other installation.

Engcon positioning system


Tiltrotators have changed the world of digging. They simplify and streamline your work on the job site, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of Crawler and Wheeled Excavators. This working tool not only allows your equipment to do more, but also enables it to do it faster, more safely and with less labour.

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